Electrical Reviews

Mr Scott G
The quality of training has been very good with a good deal of site banter to break up the stress of learning, we got a good deal of real world experience from the tutor.

Mr Sidney H
Tutor made the week very enjoyable and the environment fun. Great help with both theory and practical works. Very friendly and a laugh to get along with , Super Tutor

Mr Stephen K
Tutor had good structure to the lessons and has great knowledge. Which really helped me get through the week. I appreciate the support he has given me through the week.

Mr Sunay Ch
It has been most deliriously useful for me! Thanks!

Mr Christopher W
Fantastic tutor, i wouldnt have passed without his valuable insight! Cheers!!!

Mr Richard L
Tutor was really great. Clearly very knowledgeable and happy to give deeper explanation to improve student understanding. Very approachable and patient.

Mr Jeffrey E
many thanks I enjoyed every moment. Keep up the good work

Mr Christopher K
Tutor did a great job this weekend, he’s been really helpful and very down to earth with us all. If I had any issues he was really helpful☺️

Mr James C
Overall very impressed. They were very good tutors, and combined had excellent knowledge. They were excellent at describing and answering queries in a manner well understood.

Mr Daniel W
Again another weekend completed and the tutors were excellent and the centre is a great standard nothing to complain about.

Mr Matthew B
Tutor was very useful, as it was my first time at this centre he made me feel comfortable and prepared for the exams. Relevant papers to help pass the exams required. Would be happy to have him as my tutor again

Mr Callum E
Tutors were brilliant. Talked through everything at a nice pace and answered all questions to the best of their ability. They went through the practical aspects at a nice comfortable rate and were very thorough. Both amazing tutors.

Mr Joseph C
Great staff here, always willing to help out where they can and will coax the answer out of you rather than giving it to you straight up, which I find a lot better for remembering information. Thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Mr Wisley Cesar A
spectacular teacher, has excellent knowledge and knows how to transmit this knowledge very well, I am very satisfied with this week.

Mr Tony W
Tutor has been fantastic with all his help and knowledge. I look forward to working with him again in the future

Mr Hailmarim L
it was a good experience to learn from the tutor, great teaching ability and with a detailed explanation.

Mr Mihaita C
I am impressed with how well prepared this weekend’s tutor is, and I can’t wait for the next weekend’s practical session.

Mr Marius J
Thank you for your time and keep up the good work mate, cheers for your way of showing and understanding of the difficulties we had. Thank you.

Mr Thomas S
very knowledgeable tutor, explained things very clear!

Mr Philip S
Tutor was excellent.

Mr Paul S
Tutor has been amazing, and deserves a pay rise. Thank you, very very helpful

Mr Ricky S
Tutor is amazing

Mr Ionel B
thank you

Mr Jason T

Mr Patrick D
Great team and great tutor 10/10