James Gore

James Gore is training to become a plumber. We spoke to James to find out more about his life, changes, and future ambitions in the trades.

How long have you been studying with us?

I have been studying the theoretical part of the course since last April. Since then I have been able to progress onto my third week practical training.

How are you finding the practical training?

The practical training is going really well, I haven’t had any problems with it. The tutors are great, they always make sure you get the hands on experience; they also prepare you to go into the job you have chosen and be good at it. We have done different copper pipe work, low carbon steel, fabrication, bending, cutting the pipes, soldering, compressing the fittings and other different activities which feed into building water systems and preparing for all kinds of situations at the workplace.

What careers or jobs have you had up to date?

Since I left school I spent one year studying in college, then I entered a full-time employment…working in an office, doing all kinds of work including sales.

How did you decide to retrain and pursue a career in the trades?

Plumbing was definitely a career choice rather than just a job…it was something that I could do well and that is how I entered the plumbing industry.

Do you think that a change in careers could change your life?

Time will show…but I can say that this is a choice I have made to improve myself. This course will give me valuable skills that will enhance my career prospects and be more successful in the future.

What is your plan for the future when you finish your course?

It still early days to think about my own business, but that would be definitely my ultimate goal. I would also like to help other people to gain the necessary skills and expand from there.

What is the most dramatic or exciting thing you have done in your life?

I like driving high-performance super cars. I find this very exciting. I know this might be something that not everyone likes, but it’s an experience that I really enjoy.

What would you say are the experiences that have shaped your life?

When I had any difficulties in my life, I always tried to turn the negative experiences into positive ones…moving from one job to another has thought me so many new things that I find very useful now.

What would you say to those willing to pursue a career in the trades?

I would advise them to get work experience with someone who is already working in the trades. That way they would learn a lot about the profession and get an insight of the plumbing industry. They could also visit the training centre to make sure it’s convenient to travel in case they live far away. Also, I would advise people to make sure that they are prepared and committed on 100%, so they can learn a lot from the course and enjoy it too.