Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson is training to become a gas-engineer.

We spoke to Andy to find out more about her life, changes, and future ambitions in the trades.

How long have you been studying with us?

I have been studying at the trades since January 2012, but that is including the practical training as well as the theoretical part.

How are you finding the practical training?

I am enjoying it, especially when I have to get my hands on and focus on the practical training.

What things have you done recently at your training?

We have been working on different pipe bending, soldering and other similar things related to the gas industry. I am enjoying the practical training; we also have class based theory in addition to the workshop training.

Have you worked in the trades industry before?

I never did anything related to the trades and this is entirely new experience for me.

What was your previous career or job?

I am still at a full-time employment, so I have to balance my studying and working life. I have been working for a yogurt production company for almost 17 years now, taking different roles within the factory and doing night shifts; I don’t really want to be working night shifts and that was one of the reasons why I decided to have a career change and pursue a career in the trades. I would like to take my career at my own hands and be my own boss.

What is your long term plan for the future?

I might need to start working alongside someone more experienced in the trades to increase my confidence. I will see how it goes when I finish the course and take it from there; I am thinking of buying some properties and using my skills to develop them further, improving the heading system and generally putting my skills in a good use.

What advice would you give to anyone signing up to the course?

I suppose that if you want to do something and you believe in it, just try it!