Alex Hawthorn

Alex Hawthorn is training to become a plumber.

We spoke to Alex to find out more about his life, changes, and future ambitions in the trades.

How long have you been studying with us?

I have been studying since January this year, doing the 6089 plumbing course Level 2.

How are you finding the practical training?

The practical training is going really well, I have had some plumbing experience before, so it’s not all new to me and it has been easy for me to do the practical work in centre.

What careers or jobs have you had up to date?

When I left school I trained as a chef for couple of years, but the working hours didn’t really suit me…I had some kind of colourful existence after I left that job and I never thought to be a plumber after I left school, but now it makes sense to do something vocational. This would help me to get a better paid job and improve my job prospects. So, I decided to take on training and that led me to the plumbing profession which I decided to choose. There seemed to be high demand for qualified plumbers and it was definitely something worth making a career out of it.

How did you decide to retrain and pursue a career in the trades?

Plumbing was definitely a career choice rather than just a job…it was something that I could do well and that is how I entered the plumbing industry.

What is your plan for the future when you finish your course?

Firstly, I would like to work for a company and gain more experience for couple of years. Once I finish my level 3, I would like to take the gas qualification as well, but after some time I would be definitely looking to set up my own business and be my own boss.

What is the most dramatic or exciting thing you have done in your life?

In the last couple of years, I didn’t use to take life very seriously. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but this course is helping me get back on track and improve myself.

What would you say to those willing to pursue a career in the trades?

Obviously, you need to be practical minded person, but I would say that everyone can sign up to the course as long as they are absolutely sure that plumbing is the route they want to follow.